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Bread is something to be savoured and definitely not rushed. Most modern bakeries have turned to additives and improvers to speed up the bread making process, but not us! All our bread dough is made very slowly and very naturally. Each batch of dough is started with a portion of our natural rye "mother dough" sourdough and a portion of "old dough". That's some dough from the last batch of dough, not something we found lying around!

We simply use good ingredients, flour, some French, some English, some local, Yorkshire water, a very small amount of fresh yeast and a very small amount of salt. We don't add fat and we don't add chemicals. Ever! Then all we add is time. The dough ferments for approximately 12 - 18 hours. Some of our bread dough take 36 hours! This gives the wheat a chance to break down and lets the fermentation process take place naturally. This produces flavour and quality. We simply refuse to compromise! We are always happy to try new bread recipe ideas so please contact us if you have something to share.

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