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With flavour top of the list, it has to look the part. That’s where the “French flair” comes in. A traditional and unique French style and flavour, from quality Yorkshire ingredient, what more could you ask for? If you haven’t tried our millefeuille then you simply must have it at the top of your list. Birthday, anniversary, special occasion, no problem just call and place your order.

Some firm favourites with our customers:

Deux Chocolat a light, fat free sponge with layers of dark and white chocolate mousse.

The Origin is a light almond sponge with layers of dark and milk origin chocolate mousse.

Etoile, light sponge base with layers of chocolate and Cointreau mousse, finished with a chocolate ganache.

Millefeuille is layers of fresh puff pastry with a classic vanilla crème.

Chocolate Eclair filled with chocolate crème pâtisserie and a chocolate ganache coating.

Miroir Passion or Miroir Framboise passion fruit or raspberry mousse layered with light sponge.




We make a fresh selection of our patisserie every day. If you would like something special, please call ahead and order. 0113 2870055.

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